About Me

I grew up around computers and through junior high and high school I took every class I could to get a chance to work on them. In high school I had the opportunity to attend EVIT (East Valley Institute of Technology) a trade school in Arizona, while there I studied web development and computer graphics. Right now I have found all aspects of computer generated art very interesting and spend most of my time doing them. I found these peaked my interests when I attended the University of Advancing Technology where I worked hard to get my Bachelors of Arts with an emphasis on Multimedia. Then I found Animation Mentor and joined them seeking to further develop what I found a passion for at the university, ANIMATION. That passion took me to develop skills as an animator at Animation Mentor the online animation school with their core program and their advanced Animals and Creatures courses. I have been working at Elastic / A52 in Santa Monica California since January 2012 with a few breaks inbetween projects. I also enjoy the inspiration, motivation and skill development I get from animation related conferences I attend regularly, like SIGGRAPH and the CTN Animation Expo. I will continue to work in Southern California with goals to travel around the country and maybe even the world animating. I'm unsure of what the future will hold for me, but I look forward to it.